Acrylic & Oil on Canvas

Lori Daugstrup exhibits a painterly style with a strong focus on first marks forms abstract relationships...

Ailey 18W x 24H
WhiteYellow and Blue Floral14W x 18H x .
Hibiscus Blue, 18Wx24Hx1.5D, Acrylic.jpg
Fanciful Caprice, 18H x 24W x 1D, Oi on
Florence, 18Wx24Hx.5, Acrylic on Panel,
Bria 36Wx48H Acrylic, Orcrhid.jpg
Braelyn 36Wx48H Acrylic, amazon plantati
Adaiah, Red Poppy, 17x17x1.5, Acrylic, $
Blanca 36Wx48H Acrylic, orchid.jpg
Commission - Italian Scene

Lori Daugstrup

Lori Daugstrup exhibits a  painterly style with a strong focus on first marks forms abstract relationships, and a freshness within the painting that allows the viewer to extract a different experience as their eye travels from mark to mark on a different aesthetic path with each viewing. Often I choose a floral motif, but also figures, chairs and shapes serve as subject matter. The use of a recognizable subject gives the viewer a connection to the painting. The energy, and essence of the painting comes from the loose, abstract and spontaneous paint marks.  


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Hibiscus Blue, 18Wx24Hx1.5D, Acrylic.jpg