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Britta Jepson Loos

Landscapes and Seascapes

In Britta's paintings, contrasting colors play an important role. She commands the entire scale of colors . . .

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Britta Jepson Loos

Britta offers the observer important elements of reflection -especially contemplation of her paintings as a vehicle of beauty and a guide for the spirit. In Britta's paintings, contrasting colors play an important role. She not only commands the entire range of colors, beginning with the strongest shades to the palest, most delicate, especially her gold and silver tones. In her paintings, she explores the interplay between texture, color and light. She was born and raised within a 13th century gothic cloister in Germany, so from early on she enjoyed exploring the unknown mystery within.

Her main inspiration and influence in painting are painters like Matisse, Munch, Bacon, Soutine and De name a few. She mainly works on canvas with oil paints, using brush and knife. To create textures, she uses acrylic gels, tissue and resins.

In the process of painting she mirrors what touches us in fleet moments, it is her way to transform passages of life. She believes a painting can speak to you, touch you, be calming and exciting, interesting, dynamic and healing, as nature is. Her ambition is to create paintings that are loved to live with, a contribution that speaks of the beauty in us.

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