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Landscapes, Seascapes and Maritime Artwork

Quisbel Lezcano Blanco was born July 22, 1973 in San Luis, a small village in the Province of Pinar Del Rio Cuba. more...

Quisbel - Racing Antigua
Quisbel Lezcano Blanco: Meet the Artists
Quisbel - Breakers 48 x 36 unframed
Q - Playa Mysterioso
Quisbel - Carysfort Lighthouse
Quisbel - Dueling
Quisbel - Breaking Waves
Quisbel - Race Day
Quisbel - Racing Js
Quisbel - Approaching Heaven
Quisbel - On Golden Glades
Racing Antigua High Res Image.jpg
Quisbel - Serenity
Quisbel  - Shades of the Glades
Quisbel - Glorious Morning
Quisbel  - Everglades Reunion
Quisbel - Heading Out ORC
Q - Keys Sunset
Quisbel Lezcano Blanco: Gallery

Quisbel Lezcano Blanco

Quisbel Lezcano Blanco was born July 22, 1973 in San Luis, a small village in the Province of Pinar Del Rio Cuba.


At the age of 8 he entered his first provincial art competition and won first prize.  He was inspired by the Great Masters of Landscape art in Cuba, names like Domingo Ramos, Tiburcio Lorenzo, Chaltan San Carta and his mentor Thomas Sanchez. 

In 1979 he joined a group of artists in the municipal art gallery furthering his skills.  

In 1984, he was selected to further his studies at Raúl Sánchez Vocational School of Art where he studied drawing and painting at the secondary level. In 1987 he continued studying at Carlos Hidalgo School of Plastic Arts in Pinar del Río, Cuba.  After graduating in 1990, he moved to Havana to further his studies at the famous San Alejandro National School of Fine Arts. 

What makes Quisbel’s paintings unique is the technique he uses.  He utilizes three primary colors, red, blue and yellow.  With that he mixes and starts creating other combinations to create a magical effect so detailed and real.  From his imagination he creates waterfalls, mountains, rivers capturing the beauty and essence of nature.

Quisbel's works have been included in numerous groups and solo exhibitions. His works have been shown in the United States, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Panama, Brazil, France, England, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, Lebanon, Cuba, Dominic Republic and Turkey. His paintings are included in private, public and corporate collections. 

In 2011, he immigrated to the United States where he makes his home —and his studio, in Cape Coral, Florida.

Quisbel Lezcano Blanco: Text
Quisbel Lezcano Blanco: Text
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