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Hand-beaded Leather Clutch Purses

Claudia Apaid, a Haitian artist whose designs are inspired by her works of service, spirituality and nature, interweaves a variety of mixed media creations in her handmade works alongside artisans from around the globe. 

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Claudia Apaid: Meet the Artist
Reef Gallery Jewelry claudia clutch
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Reef Gallery Jewelry
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Claudia Apaid: Gallery

Claudia Apaid

Bringing Magical Experiences into Your Space Through the Fusion of Art and Energy


Claudia graduated from Miami's International Fine Arts College in 1999. 

Her designs are inspired by her meditations and reconnective therapies. Her work features a variety of media alongside artisans from India, Italy, Pakistan and Haiti. Described as vibrational pieces, her works of art are charged with Reiki energy while handcrafted with precise attention to detail. Apaid explores and documents the very nature of life itself and our relationship with it. These uniquely spiritual and luxurious works are often seen and used as decorative arts initially but in time, they transition as mandalas when a deeper connection to the higher self occurs within the beholder.

"There is a force that is unseen that fuels all creation and its process. It connects us to the universe in all of its immensity. This unseen force has a vibration that incites and fuels our being. that activated life force energy creates a complex design which serves both, as harness to the dwelling place of the self and as a doorway the unseen fields that connect us to the all. My work with this pattern is an exploration of this space, a metaphor of how the micro and macro some together so preciously and cohesively into a tapestry if wholeness. The motif is representative of my artistic interpretation of movement, its power, its feel and its flow. When consciously used, the subjects serve as a transcendental tool to interconnect, transmute and helps us attain our optimal physical, emotional and spiritual well-being."

This series is based on Claudia Apaid's interpretation of Kundalini, the primal energy and consciousness that is the source of all life-force. Using Reiki energy, each handcrafted piece is designed to activate and stimulate a specific chakra which interacts with the viewer's physiological and neurological systems. The purpose is to attain spiritual enlightenment and live an awakened life.

Claudia Apaid: Text
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