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Oils and Mixed Media

Since childhood Gloria Velez has been drawn towards the world of art in all its aspects. Her early work began in grassroots exhibits that were well received by the art community.

Gloria Velez: Meet the Artists
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Gloria Velez: Gallery

Gloria Velez

Gloria Elena Vélez was born in Medellín, Colombia, South America. She earned her degree in Systems Engineering at Universidad E.A.F.I.T, located in her hometown of Medellin.  However, since childhood, she was drawn towards the world of art in all its aspects. Her early work began in grassroots exhibits that were well received by the art community. Although her career studies took six years to complete, two years after finishing her university studies, she abandoned the field of Systems Engineering in order to pursue her true passion for the arts.

Working under the tutelage of the great Colombian artists, German Viecco, Francisco Madrid, and Luis Angel Hernandez, and pursuant to her course of studies at the Fine Arts School in Medellin-Colombia, she was able to achieve mastery in different techniques and art forms.

At a turning point in her life, she decided to leave her hometown of Medellin to move to Miami, Florida.  It was a difficult transition, but over time, she found this to be an opportunity to experience a new path in her artistic development and learn new and more modern techniques.

Her early paintings demonstrate soft and delicate brushstrokes. With time, her work transformed into a richer visual language with images including a great perception of depth and form demonstrated in different mediums including oils, watercolors, pastels, acrylics and mixed media.

She also studied academic drawing and painting, painting after plaster casts and figure studies in oil. In addition, her participation in intensive workshops in mixed media such as collage and textures, under artists Abdon J. Romero, Sonia Hidalgo, and other renowned artists such as Jesus Villareal, Derek Gore, Julio Suarez, and others, helped to enrich her work and are the basis of her sound and vast experience in the art world. In effect, she currently remains studying because she strongly believes an artist is always in a continuous process of learning.

Gloria’s vision of her work is shaped by a personal expression that marks her distinctive artistic style. Trained as a painter, she has an obsession for materials and textures of great variety. Moreover, her love of new techniques, richly textured surfaces, bright color mixtures and luscious shades, all serve to create a sense of well-being to the very fortunate spectators of her style of art. In her work, we will find various forms of textures and density in which she creates portraits, still lifes, landscapes, flowers, figures and experimental abstraction, every thing framed in a contemporary realism.  One, amongst many, of her painting styles has developed along the lines of the abstract as well as figaritive abstraction.

Gloria currently resides in the United States. She shares an art studio in Miami with two great artists where they create art works, learn from each other and teach others the magic of art. Her work is continually evolving and growing as she explores new and revolutionary materials and techniques.

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