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Contemporary, Traditional and Abstract Fine Art

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Arnold Desmarais.jpeg


Landscapes and Shorescapes

Arnold Desmarais was born into a New England family of artists in 1952. As a young child, he was formally introduced to art at the Rhode Island School of Design where he flourished as a prodigy. Later as a young man, he continued with painting and illustration while simultaneously earning his degrees from Bryant University.


Landscapes, Sescapes and Giclees

Lynn Fecteau says she cannot remember a time when she was not creating art. From the time she was a child growing up in Cherry Hill, NJ, she remembers quite vividly that all the other kids were involved with sports, etc. while she opted out so she could attend art school.

Beautiful Day on Buccaneer Island
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Abstract Acrylic and Mixed Media

Ben Heller’s acrylic animal portraits exude human qualities and quirks that are rendered in bold line images that somehow manage to invoke delight and whimsy while suggesting a reflective pause in action or movement.

Our Artists: Our Artists


Landscapes, Coastalscapes, Horses, Portraits

Harley Bartlett is a New Englander in home, heritage and spirit. An early interest in drawing led to a career in Easel and Mural painting. It has been said that he casts a wide net in the world of art. His landscape paintings typically depict the rural, wooded and coastal areas of New England. He looks primarily to the artists of the past for his technique of painting. Drawing, composition and brushwork all work together, in unison, to create an image that, while realistic is not photographic in quality.


Dynamic Florals

A painterly style with a strong focus on first marks forms abstract relationships, and a freshness within the painting that allows the viewer to extract a different experience as their eye travels from mark to mark on a different aesthetic path with each viewing.

Adaiah, Red Poppy, 17x17x1.5, Acrylic, $

Janine Heimberger

Waterscapes and Seascapes

Janine is a native of Florida’s Space Coast. Having never lived far from the sea, her love of nature, the ocean and marine life is reflected in much of her work.


Marine Wildlife Artist

Michael Hoffman has been an internationally recognized and awarded professional painter and fisherman for over 30 years. He is collected by connoisseurs, sport fisherman, environmentalists and those who admire and are drawn to the breathtaking images of large sport fish leaping into the air or swimming in the sea.


Action Fishing and Casting

Cameron is known for his evocative, focused oils infused with the soft colors of the Florida Keys.

Cameron Kelly 1_edited.jpg
Racing Antigua High Res Image.jpg


Landscapes, Seascapes and Maritime Artwork

Quisbel Lezcano Blanco was born July 22, 1973 in San Luis, a small village in the Province of Pinar Del Rio Cuba.

At the age of 8 he entered his first provincial art competition and won first prize.  He was inspired by the Great Masters of Landscape art in Cuba, names like Domingo Ramos, Tiburcio Lorenzo, Chaltan San Carta and his mentor Thomas Sanchez. 


Landscapes and Maritime Paintings

Gilbert's Marina
Our Artists: Our Artists


Seascapes and Shorescapes

Born and raised in Hyde Park, NY, Anne spent her summers as a child in Provincetown. Packard Studied at Bard College and later studied with the late Phil Malicoat . She moved to Provincetown year round in 1977 after raising her five children.


Coastal Landscapes

Sergio Roffo, painter (1953-), has been inspired by the work of American traditional painters such as Inness, Fitz Henry Lane & Albert Bierstadt, among others. Roffo's representations of coastal landscapes reveal a luminous, masterful feeling. As you view his art, you will discover a precise sense of value and atmospheric perspective that conveys a relaxed sense of calmness; a characteristic that defines and informs all of his works. Sergio Roffo's captivating depictions of the New England landscape have been included in a variety of museum exhibitions and have earned him many, many awards.


Oil & Mixed Media

Gloria Elena Vélez was born in Medellín- Colombia, South America. She earned her degree in Systems Engineering at Universidad E.A.F.I.T, located in her hometown of Medellin.  However, since childhood, she was drawn towards the world of art in all its aspects. Her early work began in grassroots exhibits that were well received by the art community.

Smooth Jazz - acrylic on canvas


Abstract Mixed Media

A native Floridian, Beau Wild was educated in occupational therapy at Tufts University and in painting at the Museum School / Museum of Fine Arts, both in Boston.


Landscapes, Commissions and Portraiture

Stephen Wood is a landscape and portrait painter who is also a celebrated composer. His work depicts movement and memory.

Stephen Wood - The Point - SOLD
Our Artists: Our Artists

Anna Sweet

Coastal Landscapes

Anna Sweet’s work marries a craftsman’s approach to material with an Art Nouveau influence. Known for her luminous underwater nudes, Sweet portrays the ethereal through harmonious modes of painting and photography. By employing radiant minerals and pigments, the artist reimagines familiar elements of nature and the female form, rendering them brilliantly new to the viewer’s eye. 

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