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Members Point Collection

22k Gold Leaf Jewelry

Savor the memories of Ocean Reef with the Members Point Collection featuring artwork by Stephen Wood

Point Pathway Teardrop Necklace.jpg
Jewelry pg copy: Meet the Artists
Pathway to the Point Clip on Earrings
Members Point Large Disc Necklace
Point Pathway Teardrop Necklace
Point Pathway Large Disc Necklace
Pathway to the Point Dangle Disc Earrings
Pathway to the Point Corset Cuff
Pathway to the Point Disc Clip on Earrings
Pathway to the Point 1.5 Cuff
Members Point Teardrop Earrings
Members Point Corset Cuff
Members Point small Disc Necklace
Members Point 1.5 Cuff
Jewelry pg copy: Gallery

Reef Gallery Originals

You won't find these treasures anywhere else!

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